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Areola and nipple correction

Congenital and acquired deformations of the breast can cause some discomfort to a woman, but nowadays it is much easier than it seems to get rid of defects and feel more confident, and the experts of ADONIS Beauty clinic will help you.

The main indications for corrective surgery are:

  • • asymmetric nipples;
  • • uneven nipple contour;
  • • thick nipples;
  • • stretched areolas that lose their usual round shape and stretch in one of the directions;
  • • excessively protruding nipples;
  • • inverted nipples;
  • • big diameter of areolas;
  • • difficulties in breastfeeding due to insufficient or excessive size of the nipple;
  • • damage of the nipple-areola complex.

As any surgery, this operation also has its contraindications:

  • • inflammatory processes;
  • • cancer;
  • • blood clotting disorders.

The correction of nipples and areolas in ADONIS Beauty clinic can be carried out under general or local anesthesia, and the rehabilitation period depends on its type. After the surgery under local anesthesia, the patient can leave the clinic the same day. The main thing is to comply with all the safety measures and doctor’s recommendations.

If the surgery was more complicated and was carried out under general anesthesia, the client remains in the clinic under medical supervision for one day. Wearing the compression garments will significantly speed up the rehabilitation period. It is very important to stop physical activity for at least 4 weeks and don’t visits sauna and beach.

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