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Breast reduction

Big breast is definitely beautiful, but excessively large breast often causes psychological and physical discomfort. That is additional pressure on the spine, constant pain in the back and neck, inconvenience in everyday life from the selection of clothing to unwanted sweating under the breast. Breast reduction surgery allows women to regain self-confidence and attractiveness.

Breast reduction surgery is aimed at removing excess tissue of mammary glands as well as fatty tissue, moving the nipple and areola, and breast lifting. Breast restores its natural form. With the help of reduction mammoplasty, the surgeons of ADONIS Beauty clinic will help you to solve both aesthetic and functional problems.

This kind of surgery is quite complicated. During the operation, the symmetry of mammary glands and aesthetic forms should be achieved, and most importantly, normal blood supply should be maintained.

The main tasks of breast reduction surgery:

  • • removing the excessive fat and glandular tissue;
  • • remodeling the remained glandular tissue;
  • • excision of excessive stretched skin;
  • • lifting the nipple-areola complex.

As any surgery, reduction mammoplasty has its contraindications:

  • • inflammatory processes;
  • • cancer;
  • • blood clotting disorders.

Breast reduction surgery is carried out after passing the necessary medical examination and consulting the mammologist. Our surgeons often combine breast reduction with nipple and areola correction to obtain more aesthetic result.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for about 2-3 hours. You will stay in the clinic no more than one day. Wearing the compression garments and compliance with the doctor’s recommendations will make the rehabilitation period less painful. You can return to your usual rhythm of life in 10-14 days, still you have to avoid physical activity for up 2 months.

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