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Why consider Ukraine

Ukraine is a popular tourism destination due to a positive reputation for healthcare providers and a decent price-quality ratio. The standard of private healthcare in Ukraine is high and there is no waiting time for medical tourists. Today’s healthcare tourist can expect the highest standards of equipment and expertise.

Our medical travelers are attracted not only by low prices of medical treatments but also by the high standards of affordable health care services, medical equipment, modern technologies as well as top quality materials used for medical procedures.

Prices in Ukraine are extremely competitive, not only for medical services but also for accommodation, shopping and transport.

Plastic surgery, dentistry and other medical treatments are all offered at significant savings compared to your own country, without waiting lists. Ukraine is also one of the rare countries that support international surrogacy, providing Ukrainian surrogate mothers and egg donation services at a fraction of the cost of elsewhere in Europe and with very short waiting lists.

Private plastic surgery and dental care in Ukraine are on a par with the best in Europe, but cost much cheaper.

Medical tourism is growing rapidly in Ukraine, especially in the capital Kyiv, where you can discover a fascinating city full of sights to make a trip of your treatment. There are many advantages of travelling to Ukraine for private healthcare.

Despite the fact that we have lower prices, we are oriented on a high-level work. We are interested in making your trip to Ukraine useful and exciting. Take a closer look at this huge, historic country and you’ll find so much to see and make your medical trip a holiday to remember.

Make your time here interesting by discovering the picturesque nature of the country and visiting the most popular architectures monuments, some of which are on the UNESCO list. You will also have an amazing opportunity to try well-known Ukrainian borsch and other traditional dishes. Create a new experience and discover a new world. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe where you can visit interesting and breath-taking festivals, parties and walk around unforgettable places. You can be a guest of different holidays during the year:

  • • Gogol fest (every year in September)
  • • Festivals of street food (monthly)
  • • Movie evenings
  • • Light shows
  • • Thematic concerts (jazz, rock, classic music)
  • • The Festival of Movie
  • • The Country of Dreams.

You can also visit different museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas. One trip to Ukraine can show you how different arts, traditions and cultures can stay together in harmony. Street concerts, festivals and night shows will be wonderful memories. Combine your medical trip with pleasure and make your life brighter.

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